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Welcome to Emma Edwards therapies

Are you looking for ways in which to improve your everyday wellbeing by positively managing your stress or pain related symptoms?

My aim is to help support you to find a place of comfort and ease so that your body can begin the process of relaxing and healing.  I am passionate about improving your overall wellbeing and using a holistic approach. This addresses issues within the whole body, identifying and treating the source of the problem, and not just chasing the pain.


I have been able to help clients with....

  • back issues

  • neck and shoulder pain 

  • muscular and joint pain and stiffness, whether associated with stress, arthritis, repetitive strain or posture

  • fibromyalgia

  • chronic fatigue

  • stress headaches and migraines

  • sciatica

  • plantar fasciitis 

Regular treatments help to ensure that the body stays well and can help to avoid muscle and joint injury.

Clients often come to me for support during stressful periods in their life where they need the benefits that hands on work can provide. My website provides more information about my treatments and the work I do. I’m also happy to have a chat to help you decide whether I can help.


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